Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Space Activities Regulatory Agency (SARA)

SARA is EarthGov's primary Interstellar Law Enforcement Agency. SARA formed in the aftermath of the SolCom Industrial Station Disaster of 2054. The loss of life and the fear of an orbital cascade event prompted the bickering members of the Earth Union to come to quick agreement. The agency draws on personnel and expertise from numerous Earth based agencies both government and private but recruits agents right out of university. SARA was given a mandate to police all Earth Union affiliated outposts and colonies, provide deep space search and rescue, enforce space safety regulations, recapture escaped convicts and provide professional assistance to Earth Union allies.

The Green and White marked System Defence Boats are a welcome sight at Earth Union Colonies and Stations alike, as smuggling and outright piracy are all too common on the fringe.

SARA Marshal Class System Defence Boat
Sally Kellerman
Boasting a 500 ton Self Sealing and Ablative Armored Hull, The Marshal is a sturdy, mid sized craft capable of Deep Space missions. It utilizes Delta V Thrusters capable of speeds up to 330km/s. This is powered by a Type Q nuclear Power Plant which requires 48 tons of fuel at maximum operating efficiency. The 20 ton Bridge Module possess a 9 to M-7 computer with limited AI functionality. The computer has Standard and Basic sensor packages, as well as Basic Military Sensors.

The Marshal has two Spin Capsules which house an Office Module, Detention Cell Module, and two arrays of weapons, the details of which are Classified. There is a rover module, a Cold Sleep module, and 2 Orion Transfer Pods.The Marshal has landing gear and a docking clamp that can merge with vessels up to 400 tons.

The Marshal has a crew compliment containing the following: Captain, XO, 2 Pilots, A Navigation Expert, 3 Engineers, 3 Electronic Technicians, A Logistics Officer, 2 Data Specialists, 6 Weapons Specialists, and  A Medical Officer. There are Also 20 Ground Crew Personnel, and Two Small Craft Specialists.

The Marshal Also sports a Robot Module that supports six Robotic Crewmen who serve as DSV and Jump Gate Coordinators, effectively monitoring Ship Systems on long voyages. There are Two Tons allocated for a Weapons Locker.