Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tech Levels of The Wizard Nebula

Pinning down the setting's Tech Level is not a cut and dry affair. Super A.I. influence has caused certain areas of study to blossom at accelerated rates.

The average Tech Level of the Human Sphere is 9, minus Anti-gravity technology. Military Tech is somewhat lagging, perhaps due to the stability of the political climate, coming in at TL-8 and 9 at the highest -- man portable laser weapons are still experimental and quite fragile. Medical technology, with Super A.I. assistance, is much closer to TL-D to F - with complete Genetic Manipulation and Cloning technology. Electronics and computing devices are quite advanced, so much so that they are not easily classified on the Tech Level scale (TL-17+?)

During Robot or Space Vessel Design, any model of Brain/Computer may be selected, depending on the mission statement and budget - all costs remain the same.

Alien Tech Levels are an equivalent to human TLs or lower - with the notable exception of the Sabmiqys - their average TL is also rather ambiguous, which is greater than The Human Sphere but is lower than the Terran Super A.I.'s Level.